I Met Tyler Dodd yesterday. Today he told me his story.

I ran into Tyler Dodd on the corner of Dartmouth and Stuart yesterday, right near Back Bay station. I couldn’t help but notice the bloody fingerprints on his shirt. He told me a few things about what he had just experienced. That he had been nearby when the explosions went off, and ran immediately towards them. He knew his medical training was in need, so he asked a police officer where to go.

After some coaxing, Dodd agreed to tell me the full story on record. See the rest here at Esquire.com.

He’s uncomfortable with the title, but he truly is an American hero.

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13 thoughts on “I Met Tyler Dodd yesterday. Today he told me his story.

  1. A Piers Morgan interview with Tyler tonight has many people questioning this story. He popped up in 2012 in NYC being hailed as a hero, and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan with war scars from being shot with an AK 47. Your article here never mentions he was a vet nor that he had a scar he showed to Victoria and the cop in NYC in 2012. You don’t say how he got his medic training. On Piers Morgan he said he got it on oil rigs in the gulf, not in the war. There are mug shots that show up that look very similar to him. Just saying we have to be more careful with media accuracy and watch this hero making tendancy. Tyler makes some strange statements about god, his purpose, and how he expected this in a way, and how he ended up in the medical tent. I hope this reporter has more info on him. It does not say where he lives and what he does now. He just pops up in the media as a hero twice. Very coincidental.

    • I’m hoping to clear things up soon, but yes, you are right, my story never mentions he’s a vet. Because he isn’t one. Simple as that. I can’t speak to the article about him in NYC. Tyler is who is he, and he was a hero on Monday. I did my research and reported accurately. He’s a hero – does he really need to be a war vet for people to swallow this story? I’m sorry that the rest of the media can’t do their job, and that they rely on hearsay as fact. It’s a damn shame.

      • In the NYC article the policeman said he responded to a call of a fight between 2 men and when he got there and broke it up arresting one man, Tyler was the 2nd man and said he was the “good guy” following this robber for blocks. He shared with the cop that he was a vet of both wars and showed a war injury on his chest (did he show Victoria a wound oh his leg or arm? I have read both in news stories). That article had a picture of the cop with Tyler and he called Tyler the true hero and shared this story with Todd Palin, who was on the reality show with the cop. I believe Tyler told them he worked with the Wounded Warriors group. Fred you really should check out that article and then I would like to see you post your response! Also look at mug shots that pop up when you google his name that look similar to him. His mother commented on on one story and she lives in Oklahoma. No article, I note, gives his age, hometown, or employment. Just pointing out usual media stories put these facts in the story. Maybe he wanted it generic.

  2. The mug shots are probably of him, as they all appear similar to him,. and are from Florida, and he told the NYC cop he was from Florida. But so what. The charges and/or convictions are hardly serious. Failure to appear, panhandling, and petty theft (probably shoplifting). The guy acknowledged being a recovering alcoholic. the charges are entirely consistent with a hardcore alcoholic.

    The guy is apparently trying to turn his life around. Give him a break. While many people were fleeing from the scene in fear, he stepped in to help others in need. He should be commended.

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  5. I have a Tyler Dodd born 1983 from Oklahoma who has a series of arrests. The article says he only has been in Boston for about a year. The obscure way he talks, the military talk, how he just turned up at the scene etc is very suspicious to me. Has he been properly investigated? Any ties to the two boys? I just think that every thing should be reviewed very closely as nothing makes any sense with the background of the boys or this guy.

  6. Tyler Dodd is the classic romance scammer. Hero? No Way! All he did was stand over that girl and lie to her. Dodd has numerous mugshots online. Dodd was also involved in an incident in NYC where the police responded to 2 men fighting. When the cops arrived Dodd lied and said that he was a decorated US soldier who fought in Afghanistan. The result was that the other guy in the fight was arrested and Dodd posed for photos with the cop. Dodd leave that girl alone. Come clean and leave her and her family alone. Dodd you repeatedly implied that you and her had some kind of “special connection” as she “looked into your eyes”. It was actually someone else who saved that girl anyway. The photos prove it! Dodd you need to stop this scam before you wind up in jail again.

    • I would encourage you to read my next article, and perhaps watch the Today show segment, in which Victoria stands up with a broken leg to hug him. He is the kindest soul I have ever met, reformed from a less than perfect past. By hiding behind a pseudonym, you are being a coward, simply trying to discredit people who ran into the chaos after the explosions in Boston. Just because you can do some google work, does not make you a detective.

  7. Fred, as a young 23 year old reporter who got the “big” story on Tyler and decided to withhold the true facts on his criminal, drug, alcoholic background in order to protect him and make him a more deserving “hero” should make us, the public, leery of all reporting. When reporters no longer tell us the truth of all they know but color it because they believe they can be judge and jury and filter the news for us or advance their own careers, we are all in trouble. We rely on the press to give us the truth and keep our government in line. The media has not done their job on covering the Boston bombing story. This does not bode well for our democracy’s future.

  8. I do hope that Tyler is able to turn his life around. If you see him again, let him know that I am praying that he remains sober and that God provides him a community of men who can help him stay on the right path. He should not go through this alone.

  9. Tyler Dodd is my biological brother. Yes, he was born in 1983. Valentines Day. Bartlesville, OK. Yes, he has a very checkered past. Yes, he’s been arrested several times. Yes, there are a few inconsistencies in his story. But anyone that knows him will tell you that yes, he is a hero.

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